Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bamboo Studio's Eco-friendly Dinnerware

Small administrative note: due to Jane being back in school, and therefore having much less of a life than normal, SJGG will now be posting only on Tuesdays. I'm sorry, I love writing this blog. But I'm going to take it easy for a bit until I find out how my schedule turns out. Now, back to the important stuff.

I mentioned a while back that it's possible to make a totally green lunch bag. But what about people who want to use actual plates and forks, but don't necessarily want to bring them home?

I bought my mom a set of Bamboo Studio's reusable/disposable dinnerware for her new office. She tried them out and has given me a review. These bamboo plates, bowls, and utensils are made from the outside leaves of the bamboo plant, so it doesn't harm the plant, and involve less of a bleaching process than white paper plates. The resin that coats them is biodegradable, so when they break, you can compost them. How neat is that?

Her review - they work well. The spoons are a bit rough, but they work. The knife wasn't sharp enough to cut sausage, but it would probably cut softer things. They're easily washable and they wipe clean well. Her big worry is that the cutlery may splinter, although she's never gotten one. Plus, the plates can absorb liquid. They work in the microwave. For a temporary situation, they're good, but she wouldn't want to depend on them at home. Overall, she's really happy with them. They're easy to clean and easy to keep looking nice.

It's a fun ecofriendly toy, but it also is nice to have around. Check them out if this piques your interest, and consider adding them to your workspace as great way to eat lunch.

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