Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Bicycling Challenge

I've been biking for more than a month now. It's definitely getting easier as I go along, but I've been pushing myself lately to bike further before catching the bus, or bike the hill outside my apartment once a week - it's a doozy and half the reason I ride the bus.

What's caught my attention is that Saturday is Moving Planet's Rally to Move Beyond Fossil Fuels. They challenge us to bike, skate, or walk to work or school, to do our errands, or in a rally march to various renewable energy sources.

There isn't a rally planned for my area, and with midterms approaching I'm not sure I could organize one this quickly. So, instead, I'm putting forth a challenge to myself and to you. Do one errand that seems "a bit too far" by a non-fossil fuel method.

My plan is to bike to the Farmer's Market. It's four miles each direction. Since planning this, I've had a mechanical problem with my bike and will be trying to get it fixed in time to participate. It will probably take me 45 minutes each way, but I'm willing to try; plus, I need the exercise. If you can, join me in seeing how fossil fuel-less transit can be an option.

Edit: My bike is out of commission for three days, until the pedal bearings can be replaced. So...I guess I'm experimenting with fossil fuel-less transit by walking to the bus for the next few days. I'll try to repeat this next week, when the bike is functional.

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