Thursday, May 19, 2011

Honey Hair Mask

I've always been intrigued by hair masks. They're supposed to function like a really deep conditioner, sealing the hair cuticle and trapping moisture.

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Janice Cox (my favorite beauty author) suggests using honey as a hair mask. Note, though - honey can cause hair to lighten. As my hair naturally highlights during the summer, I'm not concerned. If you're worried about lightening dark hair, try molasses.

Start with a bowl of honey, about 1/2 c for medium-length hair. Brush your hair for easier application. Change into a bathrobe and be prepared to shower afterwards. Wet your hair so that it's barely damp. I found out that it's easier to apply the honey if the hair is damp as the honey dissolves slightly and doesn't go on like a sticky plaster. Once you've got all the honey in your hair, drape an old towel over your shoulders to prevent sticky drips. Roll your hair into a bun to keep it out of the way if you have long hair, and hold it with an old hair tie.

Wait about 15 minutes, then jump in the shower and wash the honey out. It didn't leave a sticky residue.

I found my hair was a lot less frizzy, as well as having a delicate honey scent which I rather enjoyed. It was also very easy to brush post-shower. Over the next few days, my hair was definitely more easy to manage and did not frizz to nearly the extent it had previously done.

I'd definitely recommend this treatment!

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  1. Ohhh, I am intrigued! I may have to try this.