Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Semi-Veg Chronicles - Hummus Bruschetta Dinner

The Vegetarian Times is a really great veg cooking magazine to which, appealingly, my local library has a subscription. I've brought home about twelve issues at this point, and it's pretty good at running the gamut of yummy veg dishes. I'll probably be bringing in some dishes from there at some point, but this was an idea that got me running to the kitchen on my own.

They brought in a celebrity chef who made grilled tomato bruschetta. Having heard of bruschetta before, loved the idea, and recently discovered Trader Joe's White Bean and Basil hummus, a really delicious idea began to form in my mind. I've hated hummus in the past, but TJ's tastes nearly like pesto, something I ADORE. I'm always looking for excuses to eat it. Tomatoes and basil are constant companions for a good reason, and hummus is better than butter on bread. If I made a hearty bruschetta with hummus, I could serve it with vegetables and call it dinner. Sounded good to me!

I started by brushing tomato slices and French bread with olive oil and grilling them in a skillet. Then I brushed the grilled bread with hummus and threw the slices of tomato on the top once it had caramelized. Just cook the bread like you would a grilled cheese. Slow cooking the tomatoes was key, though, otherwise you just get mushy tomatoes. I put some homegrown fresh basil over the top for fun and flavor and added salt and pepper. This was delicious and took about 15 minutes to make, including microwaving the yam and making the salad while the tomato cooked.

In the future, I'd grill more tomato to make it more filling. Oh, darn. I suppose that means I'll have to make more. :) I hope Fred starts producing soon, then I'll have all the bruschetta I can stand!

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