Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Homemade Cleansers Link

You may or may not remember my paen to homemade, eco-friendly cleansers a few weeks back, but if you do, I've finally found a good e-link with recipes. Squidoo's Environmentally Friendly Homemade Cleaners site has a lot of recipes which I recognize from Zen Cleansing and from my own personal experience.

It started with a good friend who is establishing her first apartment as we type. She was intrigued by the GoodGuide ratings on shampoo, conditioner, and more, so we checked up on Windex. It had decent environmental and moderate society, but scored 4.5. Why?

The health score was 1. My friend was shocked, but honestly, I wasn't. Cleaners are atrocious in the chemicals they use just to do standard jobs. Luckily, my friend is considering the vinegar mixture for her windows, and her questions about furniture polish are what led me to Squidoo.

I still think the Zen Cleansing book is a more complete manual to cleaning without commercial products, but give it a try with the above cleansers if you're unsure about the results.

Happy cleaning!

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