Sunday, May 30, 2010

Semi-vegetarianism pledge

The other day, I was invited to a sushi-making dinner party. The hosts were vegetarian, so they taught us to make vegetarian sushi, which was absolutely delicious. Fried tofu and avocado was my favorite, followed by the corn, carrot, and cucumber rolls.

This got me to thinking - vegetarianism has been touted as an excellent way to reduce greenhouse gases, as well as being extremely good for your health. San Francisco has recently begun to ask restaurants to offer "meatless Mondays" to help combat climate change.  Did you know that switching to vegetarianism reduces your greenhouse gas footprint as much as switching from an SUV to a hybrid?

I'm currently in the midst of the pre-finals paper-writing crunch, but a meatless day or two a week sounds like a good plan to try to implement this summer. I already eschew most red meat and processed meat for health reasons, but I practically live on chicken and turkey.

I've played with tofu before, so this summer I'll be posting a series of blogs with my vegetarian experiments. Try Veg has a lot of recipes which are vegan-based, but I bet I can modify them to include milk and eggs.

They also suggest a three-step program for switching to a totally vegetarian diet, if that's your plan. Myself, I plan to stick with semi-vegetarianism for the time being.

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