Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Powering the Earth -

It's scary how much C02 we use each year. While we know greenhouse gases have an extremely negative impact on the environment, it's definitely interesting to see how this has changed over time.

Look at how small the populations are compared to the footprints, too.

Powering the Earth -

I'll be having a post coming up soon as I'm not freaking out about midterms about climate change, its impacts, and why you should care about changing how you live even if you don't believe that it's actually happening (as, sadly, 30% of Americans do).

For now - try MyFootprint to get an idea of exactly how much C02 your lifestyle creates, as well as how many planet Earths it would take to sustain humanity at your level.
Embarassingly, mine is over 4 planets, and I feel like I really work to reduce my footprint. Guess even I have a lot of things work on. 

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