Thursday, August 11, 2011

Six Items or Less - the Midwest Migration

What's green, blogs, and just moved to the Midwest? You guessed it, an Average Jane!

Yep, as I've hinted before, I'm moving from the sunny West Coast to the Midwest in search of more education and lots of new experiences. Like snow. And tornadoes. And this weird thing called "seasonality"..

However, to get to these new experiences, I first needed to drive there. Yes, drive. It's the fastest way to get both me, my car, and all my sturdy furniture to the Midwest. Although my carbon footprint is cringing, I have some great data on hypermiling and the affect it had on my gas mileage.

Moving itself was quite therapeutic for me. I got rid of a lot of things taking up space in my closet, sorted strongly as far as "do I need this or not?", and put the rest in boxes. Anything I was on the fence about was given to people willing to store it for me for a while. My books, however few are coming with me to start, were NOT among these. I have given them to family to keep for as long as they can, and once I'm more established I'll be taking more of these back with me.

However, since I want to pack in boxes as much as I can, I thought that this trip would be a lovely time to try a challenge which has been on my mind. It's called Six Items or Less, and the point is to teach us to make the most out of a wardrobe by wearing six items or fewer of clothing for a month. As the humidity where I'm going is in the 80%+ range and I have no air conditioner in my car, I'm starting with a week as to not gross out my driving buddy. I'll keep my mind open to a longer challenge later.

My six items:

Yellow sundress with belt
White blouse
Blue jean jumper
Pink patterned blouse
Jean skort
Blue shirt

The challenge itself wasn't a problem. You'd be surprised how easy it was to cobble together ten days (I went a bit further than I'd planned) of outfits out of just these items. I think I only repeated a combination once. There was only one problem, and that was laundry.

I couldn't find a way to wash these six and get a full load of laundry. That's frustrating as I would be wasting water and I had to do laundry at least once. These clothes got stained quickly, and after there's a huge spot on the front of a shirt, you either have to hide it with the jumper or wear something else. My new apartment also has expensive laundry, so there's water and economic waste to doing a six-item challenge for a month.

My suggestion is to modify this challenge one way. Forget counting the items and make one load of laundry your goal. That way, you get more items but have less waste.

Comments? Tried a six-item challenge? Let me know. 

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