Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Recycling Adventure

Thank you to those who participated in the furoshiki giveaway. Congratulations, Rosie! You won the camo furoshiki with your tip of "use coffee grounds for fertilizer". Did you also know coffee grounds discourage snails?

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On another note, this morning, my friend handed me a sales DVD she'd been given with the comment of, "Can you get rid of this?" I'd never thought of recycling DVDs or CDs, so I decided to do some Googling and find out.

Most of the programs on the web will be glad to recycle your DVDs, but only if you're willing to mail them in, often in bulk. This is a bit frustrating, since I don't want to pay postage on something of which I'm trying to be rid. This just wasn't an option for me, which is the same problem I have with Preserve's Gimmie 5 Program. All their drop-off points are too far from me, so I'd have to mail my plastics away.

I checked out Earth911 next. If you haven't found this lovely recycling resource, you should definitely check it out. They have a search engine for what you want to recycle and where you are. Just type in what you want to recycle, and it will tell you where you can recycle it, or even if it can go in your curbside recycling.

However, Earth911 failed me on DVD recycling. It only had thrift stores listed, and not only was this a fairly useless marketing DVD, it was an *old* fairly useless marketing DVD. I didn't want to inflict that on Goodwill.

Finally, I found my answer at an unexpected source: Best Buy. Apparently Best Buy has a free, fairly comprehensive electronics recycling program. They'll take anything they list on their website, no matter how old and where you bought it. It's generally free, too! For me, there's one just down the street and on the way to my bus stop, so I'll drop it by on my way home.

Huzzah for recycling!

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