Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Cleaning and the Pacific Garbage Patch

Happy March, everyone! Since spring is just around the corner, this month I'll be doing some articles aimed at cleaning, again. My goal is to give you a monthly guide to making everything spic-n-span, especially as your spring cleaning gets underway.

But first - some planetary cleaning.

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Nobody can give as good a primer on such an important subject as the Pacific Garbage Patch than Colbert. But the Pacific Garbage Patch is a big deal, more so than a lighthearted show like the Colbert Report can touch on in a 5 minute segment. 

The Pacific Garbage patch is our creation - it's made of all the bottles accidentally lost, all the bags accidentally dropped, and all the trash left to drain away.

Since it's March, make a resolution. If you live by a local waterway or not, try to make it a habit this month to pick up trash as you walk in public places. So often at the bus stop I find sodden magazines, chip bags, and old bottles mere feet from their proper receptacles. If us environmentally-minded people took it into our heads to just pick up the little things we see, our planet would be so much more beautiful.

If you live near our lovely waterways, be sure to show them some TLC. Organize a beach clean-up, clean a park, or just to for a hike with a trash bag. You get benefits, too: according to my college's psychological services, doing something nice for someone else can increase your happiness. So be happy, help the planet!

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