Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not Food: Furoshiki strike again!

It's Christmas, and this year I'm trying to avoid wrapping paper.

When I was growing up, we didn't wrap family gifts in paper. We'd either use paper bags, which were reused, or my mom made a lot of simple fabric bags with Christmas fabrics.

In the spirit of reusable Christmas wrappings, I used Christmas fabrics to wrap my gifts furoshiki-style.

I just took scrap fabric from my mom's copious fabric stash, cut it with pinking shears so the edges wouldn't unravel, and wrapped the gifts. I also included a little card with a link to so the recipients would know how to reuse them. I tucked it inside all my wrapped gifts.

The box was the easiest thing to wrap. Myfuroshiki has a great tutorial about your standard gift wrap. The hardest one to wrap was the ceramic coffee cup I bought for a friend. I tried to use the One Bottle Wrap 5, but it turned out a little odd. I fluffed two ends, and tucked the other two underneath. It's just hard to wrap something conical.

I think the best part of wrapping with cloth is that it made its own bow!

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