Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Recycle Posters - What Can Be Recycled and What You Can Recycle at Home - The Daily Green

I know that trying to remember what you can recycle is really a pain. My university has hammered it in to our heads with the three bin system - recyclable, compostable, and please, dear heavens, don't use it. They even use reusable or compostable plates in the dining halls!

For home use, artist Fee Harding (AKA Burntfeather) has put together a series of rather hipster art posters breaking down trash into the recyclable components. If this is your style, feel free to download. My only complaint - they use a lot of black ink!

 I know that my neighborhood takes all plastics, so I don't need to sort.How do you make your recycling easy to tell?

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