Thursday, August 26, 2010

Farmers' Markets II, in which Jane's efforts bear fruit (and vegetables)

I finally found a farmers' market! It was the closest one to me, and while it's on Saturday morning and not uberconvenient for me, it actually contains produce. Lots and lots of produce.

Here's the haul:

What you see (clockwise): Cabbage, carrots, a tomato plant who shall be henceforth known as Fred, really awesome key lime cake, strawberries, limes, a sapote fruit, and a cantaloupe. 

This amount, along with the lettuce, apples, watermelon, and tomatoes, supplemented by oranges from the tree, is about a week's vegetation for my small household. The cabbage, carrots, and apples became a massive amount of coleslaw, as instant vegetable for dinner or lunch; the strawberries were tart and make great snacks; and the cake didn't last the evening. (Shameless plug for people in my area: LeRoy's Sweet Potato Shack makes the absolute most fantastic cake ever. We sampled the red velvet and took the key lime home. It was phenomenal.)

Fred will be featuring in his own adventure soon - he's going to be my Global Bucket plant. Stay tuned!

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