Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Farmers' Markets I, in which Jane fails to find real produce

I've wanted to use local produce more frequently for a while, but it's hard to hit some of the local farmers' markets. The one which is closest to me is actually the most difficult to make for me, since it's early on a morning which requires me to leave the produce in the car for a few hours. Not a good thing, especially during the summer! However, I found a list of local farmer's markets and decided to give it a whirl.

My first attempt was the one which made me feel eco-virtuous. I took the bus to nearest Thursday market, armed with cash and a couple of furoshiki. I was...underwhelmed. This one claimed to be huge, but was nine-tenths craft fair and food vendors. There were four, count them, four produce sellers. I bought some gorgeous tomatoes and wax beans (never tried them, but I was told they're good so I'll give them a shot). Most of it was premade street-fair stuff.

What I learned:
1) Not all markets are created the same. Some are street fairs just pretending.
2) If I don't have a lot in my furoshiki, it has a tendency to open up unless it's in basic handbag form. So I did a watermelon wrap, but then tied the looping handle tighter so it wouldn't open and viola - instant carrying bag.

I'll try again later with another market and see how that goes.

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