Thursday, July 15, 2010

Window Shine

More green cleaning thoughts! It's beautiful summer in my part of the globe, and I live in a house with not one, but THREE sliding glass doors and many large windows. They're gorgeous and let in tons of natural sunlight, saving a lot of electricity in lights. They also get rather dirty. I could use a commercial glass cleaner, but the chemicals involved aren't exactly the greatest for the environment or the people manufacturing them. Still, who wants dirty windows?

One trick that my parents taught me when I was young was how to clean windows with vinegar and either a rag or newspaper. Both work, but with different downsides: the newspaper is very absorbent and doesn't leave lint behind, but rags don't stain your hands black. Pick your poison on that front.

Make a basic cleaner in a recycled squirt bottle by combining 16 oz. water with about 1/4 c. vinegar. This amount is adjustable, but you want to be certain the water smells like vinegar. Spray your windows and clean as normal. The vinegar makes sure that the water doesn't leave smears behind on the windows. It works on house and car windows.

And there you have it - a cleanser which is cheap, green (since vinegar won't pollute water or air), and effective.

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