Thursday, June 24, 2010

When Allergies Attack

I promised a while back that I'd post a review of the HankyBook if my allergies cropped up. Well, here they are, a bit behind schedule but as lovely as usual.

I've been using the Hankybook on and off for a few months, and now that I've done a few days of intensive use, I've got a good idea how it works.

The good: it doesn't rip my nose up like tissues do. It's easy to clean - I've washed it three times with a load of laundry and while the edges have frayed slightly, it's not too bad. I love how it fits in my pocket, purse, and backpack.

The bad: if you have to use it a lot, the outer pages can get slightly damp (eew). I may just have a leaky faucet, but the dampness is a turn-off. When I used it only occasionally for early-morning sniffles and the occasional sneeze, it was great. For a heavy-duty snot rocket bombardment or an in-depth crying jag, it starts to get a bit damp.

I also tested it on removing makeup during the day, since that's one thing I use tissues for when I'm at school. I get little raccoon eyes by about 5pm, and when I'm dancing until 11pm I don't like looking like the living dead. It did well when slightly wet, although the makeup left a mark on the back page that hasn't yet washed out.

Overall? I like it. It could use some improvement (like a plastic bag "fabric" cover?) but it works well and does its job. I won't be tossing all my tissues, but it's better than carrying a wad in my purse.

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